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Oxigen offer a range of quality waste handling equipment including compactors and compactor bins, balers and other large bins.

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Portable Compactor – Portable compactors suitable for all waste types and applications ranging in capacity from 14 cubic yard to 35 cubic yard.

Static Compactor – Stationary onsite compaction unit available with or without bin lift including demountable bins. Suitable for customers with high volumes of waste requiring quick service turnaround times. All compactor units tailored to customer requirements such as access and location.


Balers – Oxigen have a variety of balers available tailored to customer requirements suitable for cardboard, plastics and metals. Balers range in size from small manually handled bales to mill size bales.

Large Skips

Large Skips

Oxigen have a variety of large bins to cater for any type of commercial or industrial wastes.

12 Cubic Yard Closed – Ideal for awkward commercial/industrial waste by preventing odour nuisance and vermin access.

35 Cubic Yard, 40 Cubic Yard and 50 Cubic Yard Bins – Perfect for high volume bulky wastes or segregated recyclables at commercial and industrial premises such as factories