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Please see the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions 


Q. What is my collection schedule?  

A. Please log into the “My Oxigen Account” section of our website, all details concerning your account are contained in there including the collection calendar for your area. 


Q. What happens if my collection day falls on a Bank Holiday?

A. For most areas collection days remain as usual. However, we do offer a text service whereby we text all registered customers updates regarding changes to collection days. 


Q. How do I make payment on my account?

A. There are several ways to make payment

1. By Direct Debit – This can be done online on www.oxigen.ie or over the phone.


2. Log into the ”My Oxigen Account” section of the website and make payments securely and easily at your convenience day or night. You can set up auto billpay or make a manual payment as required. 


3. Call us on 0818 729 669 to pay over the phone. Please note, you will need your account number to hand.


4. You can request a payment card which you can top up at any shop that has a Payzone terminal. Please note these payment cards should not be used in the Post Office.  


5. At the post office – Simply present your invoice and make the payment there


Q. How can I check my balance?

A. Please log into the ”My Oxigen Account” section of our website, all details relating to your account are contained in there, including details regarding account balances. 


Q. How can I get a statement of my account?

A. Please log into the ”My Oxigen Account” section of our website, all details concerning your account are contained therein, including statements.


Q. I’d like to change my payment plan

A. Please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and one of our customer agents will call you back to discuss options available to you. 


Q. What goes in my bin? 


What can I place in each bin  


Q. Why change to Pay by Weight?

A. Changing to Pay By Weight puts you in control of the cost of your waste collections. The less waste you produce the less you pay. Which means, recycling more will keep your costs down.

Pay By Weight is in line with National Waste Policy and the drive to reduce reliance on landfill and to increase recycling levels nationally. 


Q. How will I know how heavy my bin is?

A. Your bin will be weighed by the bin truck, and cost of the waste in the bin will be subtracted from the balance on your account. The weight of the standard black bin is between 30kg and 55kg. The weight of the standard green bin is between 10kg and 25kg.


Q. How are the bins weighed?

A. When your bin is lifted it is weighed using on-board weighing technology. As the bin is lifted it is weighed on the way up when it is full and again on the way down when it is empty; the actual weight you are charged for is the difference between these two; which is the weight of waste in the bin.


Q. Can I trust the system? How do I know the weighing equipment is calibrated correctly?

A. All Oxigen weighing equipment is certified by Legal Metrology (a division of the National Standards Authority of Ireland). NSAI subject equipment to regular audits. In the extremely unlikely event that the weighing systems fail, and we empty your bin, we will only charge you based on your average weights over the previous 4 collections.


Q. What happens if my bins are stolen?

A. If your bins are stolen, you should contact Oxigen and report them stolen. There is a bin replacement fee. If the bin turns up again please report it to Oxigen.


Q. How can I reduce my waste bill?

A. Your waste bill can be reduced by managing your waste better and recycling more. Here are some useful tips to help to reduce your waste costs:

Bring less waste into your home:

Start at the root of the problem by bringing home less waste. The best place to start is in your weekly shop! We also find that cat and dog litter can add to the weights.

Sell or give old items away:

for example You may not have a use for your old clothes but more than likely someone else can make use of it. Look for charities and non-profits that will take your old things rather than kicking them to the curb.

Increase your recycling:

Your green bin can take all cardboard, paper, plastics, aluminium, steel and tetra pak. Once it is cleaned and dried then just squash it into the green bin. Electronic items must be recycled, (Stereos, TV, DVDs, as well as large White goods) Your retailer can arrange for disposal, or you can take them to your local recycling centre.