Oxigen – Actively Cutting the Carbon Footprint

As our logo states, Oxigen Environmental is working for a Cleaner Environment. With this in mind, over the past few months we have actively been trialling the introduction of split collection domestic refuse trucks throughout the country. These trucks have a split or sectionalised internal compartment allowing for the collection of more than one waste type at a time. With the introduction of this method of collection there are many positives to be gained for our customers and the environment such as. Please note that this service is not available in all areas just yet.

  • Customers only have to leave their bins out once a fortnight. This service is not available in all areas just yet.
  • No need to try to remember which bin needs to go out on each occasion
  • Less heavy traffic on the roads especially in domestic areas
  • Reduced carbon footprint

On return to our waste handling facilities, all material collected is actively processed with the ultimate objective to divert from landfill and maximise the recovery and recycling of a wide range of materials. Oxigen processes the recovered plastics through its subsidiary Retech and manufactures household compost from green waste at its joint venture Enrich. We continue to invest in new technology especially in the area of green energy, processing waste material into solid recovered fuel.

Through championing this method of collection, Oxigen continues to lead the Green way highlighting the necessity for us all to think about our impact on the planet, our country and our local area.