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The waste and recycling industry is continously evolving, public awareness and attitudes are changing .

As a leader in Environmental Services, Oxigen stands at the forefront of the campaign to offer innovative solutions to both the commercial and domestic markets that want to increase their sustainability rates.

We work closely with industry and local authorities to offer tangible solutions to enhance their environmental performance.

Our company structure, investment in processing technologies and the expertise of our employees enable us to provide a full service offering.

Since no supply of raw material is infinite, our aim is to ensure that existing resources are recovered and conserved wherever possible, thus closing more material life cycles.



Oxigen provide wheelbins and containers for the collection of waste. Ranging from small 7 litre containers for segregating waste in the home, to your standard domestic 240 litre wheelbin right up to large 1100 litre wheelbins used to collect commercial waste.


Domestic waste and recycling collections

Oxigen operate professional domestic collection services for general waste, recyclables and organics. Ensuring a great service at the best price.


Commercial waste and recycling collections

Oxigen collect any waste material generated at commercial and business premises including general waste, recyclables, plastic and hazardous waste.


Raw material recovery and recycling

We have a number of modern resource recovery facilities. All waste collected is processed in order to recover secondary raw materials for recycling.



All the organic waste managed by Oxigen is processed at a state of the art aerobic composting facility to produce high quality compost that is suitable for all horticultural and landscaping applications.


Skip Hire

Oxigen provides an efficient, cost-effective skip hire service. Skips range in size from 2 cubic yard right up to 20 cubic yard roll-on skips. Ideal for small and large clearances or construction projects.


Equipment Rental

Oxigen offer a range of quality waste handling equipment including static and portable compactors, balers and large 35, 40 and 50 cubic yard bins.


Plastics Reprocessing

Oxigen have the capability to manage all waste plastics. Through shredding, granulating, agglomeration and pelletizing – waste plastics are transformed into secondary raw materials suitable for the manufacture of new products.


Hazardous Waste Management

Oxigen is committed to providing cost effective alternatives and environmentally friendly technologies. All hazardous wastes managed by Oxigen are explored as a source of raw material or energy before other disposal options are considered.


Confidential Shredding and Data Destruction

Oxigen provide a secure onsite confidential shredding and data destruction service. Identity theft and fraud has become more common in Ireland now, this has resulted in many companies availing of Oxigen’s professional confidential shredding service.


WEEE Recycling

Oxigen collect and recycle WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment). This includes large household items (fridges, microwaves, washing machines etc), small household items (toasters, irons, vacuum cleaners etc), IT and telecommunications equipment (computers, calculators, copying equipment etc), consumer equipment, electrical tools, toys and leisure equipment.


Waste Consultancy

Oxigen offer a range of waste consultancy services. Among these is a free onsite waste audit for commercial businesses. This audit is designed to establish and assess current waste generation at companies and then formulate a plan to minimise and best manage these waste streams.


Civic Amenity Sites

Oxigen operate a number of civic amenity sites in Ireland. These facilities are designed to allow the general public to bring their general waste and recyclables to a centrally located site. Civic amenity sites promote recycling and help to increase the amount of waste recycled in Ireland each year.


Street Cleaning

Oxigen have a fleet of street sweeping and cleaning vehicles. These clean and maintain streets, roadways and their drainage points.


Renewable Energy Generation

Oxigen recover the energy value of non-recyclable materials wherever possible. This is in accordance with EU waste management best practice.